Saint Eligius of Noyon (or Eloi or Loi) Feast Day: December 1

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Patron of
horses veterinarians
agricultural workers
mechanics coin collectors
farmers farriers jewelers
jockeys miners minters
saddlers taxi drivers
tool makers watch makers
Royal Electrical &
Mechanical Engineers

Though he lived in the “dark age” of seventh century AD, much factual information is available
for St. Eligius. To find out more about him, just follow
the links below.
 Note: We will be finished with St. Eligius' New Blog soon. With much more info and updates.
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The following have much info about Eligius:

From Wikipedia

A biography written by his friend Dado

 From Catholic Forum

From Catholic Encyclopedia

Therapeutic Equestrian Center
in Buchanan, Michigan enhances the lives of people with special needs through horse-related activities.