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.Architects .Builders .Carpenters .Firefighters .Masons .Miners .Construction & Electrical Workers .Mathematicians .Artillerymen .Geologists .Military Engineers .Tilers .Brassworkers .Brewers .Syria
Invoked against .Lightening .Fire .Sudden Death .Impenitence

One of the most popular saints of the Middle Ages, Barbara was a beautiful young woman whose tyrannical father, Dioscorus, kept her imprisoned in a tower, protecting her from the world. She was martyred at his own hand because she refused to renounce her newly acquired Christian faith.

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The links below provide variations on the legend of St. Barbara
as well as depictions of her in early and contemporary art.

The Ecole Glossary offers info as well as links to a number of early illustrations depicting Barbara.

Dozens of Images of St. Barbara from icons to sculptures; from the Catholic Community Forum.
Biography provided by Catholic Online.

A view of both Barbara the Saint and Santa Barbara the city by Jonathan Young, who hosts the Mythic Realm, a rich resource of mythology, folktales and archetypes.

Brief history and icons from St. Barbara's Parish.

A Greek Orthodox perspective on Barbara from the USA and one from the

Barbara's story for children from Miniature Stories of the Saints.

The Legend of Saint Barbara from The Order of Saint Barbara, an honorary military society of the United States Field Artillery.



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