Genesisus, patron saint of Actors, Comedians, clowns, dancers, theatrical performers, attorneys, barristers, lawyers, printers, stenographers

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available as a plaque, poster and spirit stone and pendant.

According to legend, Genesius (or Gelasinus or Gelasius), was the leader of a theatrical troupe in Rome around 300 AD. When he heard that the infamous Emperor Diocletian was coming to visit the city, he decided to produce a play that would please him by parodying the Christian faith Diocletian so detested...

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Guild of St. Genesius "chartered guild of the Kingdom of Caid" focusing on all aspects of Medieval and Renaissance theatre.

Saints & Angels Catholic online source and Catholic Forum

St. Genesius Actors Guild is an association of actors and associates promoting the practice and appreciation of theatrical arts as defined by the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.
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