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 Early Christians often gathered on the "name-day"of a saint - usually the date of his/her death. Originally held at a shrine or gravesite, many of these gatherings eventually evolved into festivals in honor of the saint, thus becoming known as "feast days." Frequently they were also linked with traditional pagan festivals. For example, Lupercalia and St. Valentine Day; Imbolc and St. Brigid's Day.

Churchs, towns, guilds all had patron saints and held celebrations on their saint's feast day.
The custom continues throughout the world.

In Greece, and other predominantly Eastern Orthodox countries, few people celebrate their birthdays, but almost everyone celebrates their name day (the name they are baptized with). So on St. George's Day, everyone named George is entitled to celebrate.

Honoring a particular saint and the spirit and values he/she represents can be a creative way to connect with family, friends, or simply oneself. Write a note to a great teacher on St. Ita's Day...make a donation to an feline rescue organization on St. Gertrude's Day...give your dog a special treat and/or a massage on St. Roch's Day...take your mother out to dinner on St. Martha's Day...

Below are great sources of information and ideas. We welcome your suggestions.

List of Feast Days

Alice's Medieval
Feasts & Fasts

Saint of the Day from American Catholic

The Worldwide Holiday and Festival
(primarily for travelers)

School of the Seasons helps you connect with the seasons ...unique, beautiful, informative site. Multicultural.

On-line Calendar of Saints Days (Medieval & Renaissance)

The Churchman's Ordo Kalendar: historic Christianity in the Anglican tradition

Patron Saints: Parties, Prayers & Processions around the world (from a secular perspective)

Web Holidays: Celebrations for every day of the year...multicultural crafts, recipes, information...

A Calendar of Holidays & Celebrations from Medieval Life

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Christmas/St Nicholas Day

Stoneclave features medieval recipes, music, games and much more (non-denominationally spiritual)

 Irish Culture and Customs is a great source of information and fun, including recipes. A labor of love by Bridget & Russell Haggerty (Bridget has also published a book on The Traditional Irish Wedding).

Holidays from around the world (especially for families)

Starting New Holidays: the importance of establishing "new traditions" for "families in transition

image at the top of the page is just one of many from the free Medieval Renaissance Food Clip Art collection. A great resource - recipes and much more.

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Discover Yourself: From the "Comfort Queen," includes "Spiritual Homemaking" and "Soulful Lifestyle
 Some Simple Seasonal Celebrations for kids and/or yourself

The Spiritual Sanctuary provides an extensive multicultural calendar with a reason to celebrate virtually every day

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welcome your suggestions
for celebrations
 Didn't quite get around to sending that greeting card, throwing that party, commemorating that special event?
St. Expeditus (the procrastinator's patron saint), provides inspiration, insight, free e-cards and even "Postponed-It" notes.

The Cyber Hymnal offers over 3,600 hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations. Free lyrics, scores, MIDI files, pictures, history, and more 

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